Exclusive Training

Knowledge Breeds Excellence

Critical Solutions International has extensive experience providing in-depth training and maintenance support to multiple customers in austere overseas environments, as well as CONUS based garrison locations. Our Field Service Representatives (FSR’s) are experts in their craft, with all of them having deployed overseas as maintainers, combat engineers, or sustainment technicians.

CSI provides multiple training packages that can be tailored to the needs of your deployed personnel that can be adapted to deployed personnel. These packages include our Basic Operator Instruction that enables end users to become familiar with Husky operations and employment, as well as and a detailed Field Maintenance Instruction that provides the user with the ability to maintain and sustain the platform that teaches the user vehicle platform maintenance.

  • Operator Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Route Clearance Planning

Operator New Equipment Training (OPNET) – 80 hour course, 10-12 students, 1 instructor – Familiarization, system inventory & components, operator procedures, PMCS, vehicle operations, detection & interrogation operations, react to threats, and route clearance overview.

Maintenance Training – 80 hour course, 10-12 students, 1 instructor – Technical manual (TM) review, operator maintenance, general diagnostics, troubleshooting of major components (engine, transmission, transfer case, differential, alternator, starter, CTIS, AFES, brake/pneumatics, hydraulics, mine detection system, and wheel module replacement.

Route Clearance Training – 80 hour course, 10-12 students, 1 instructor – Intelligence preparation and threat assessment, mission planning, route clearance formations, threat identification / classification, threat neutralization, alternative clearance missions (wide area).