Equipped For Success

CSI and its partner companies are leading the development of a number of cutting edge technologies to assist with the detection, interrogation and mitigation of IED’s and mines. Additionally, the organization has developed technologies to provide additional safety (Roller-over Detection Warning System), security (360 Situational Awareness), and several levels of Autonomy (Route Clearance- Platform Autonomous Control Kit). These systems can be used not only on the Husky, but on most military platforms.

  • ARM
  • XAP
  • 360 SA
  • RDWS



CSI’s Interrogation Arm is a vehicle-mounted crane system designed to investigate and remove Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The arm operates from inside the mine-protected vehicle, which increases survivability. Designed as an independent component, the Interrogation Arm can be attached to most vehicles already in theatre. Adapted from 45 years of civilian use, the arm was recognized as one of the U.S. Army’s Top Ten Inventions of 2007.


  • Thermal imaging crane extension enables users to safely seek out and identify IEDs and other explosive anti-personnel devices over barriers, into culverts, and in other locations not viewable to the naked eye.
  •  A proprietary grasping rake attachment enables the operator to safely dig up and remove mines, IEDs, and other explosive anti-personnel devices.
  • The unit’s easy-to-deploy interface system and vehicle specific mounting kits give almost any vehicle the ability to find and remove explosive devices.
  • Special design requests for the interrogation arm can be fast tracked. Design-to-delivery is measured in days instead of months.


  • Instrument Display – CANBUS sensors are added to create feedback for every crane function. Important values are displayed to the operator including: relative position, articulation angle, extended distance, lifting pressure, and weight in crane’s grasp. Users can activate the auto-stow program at the push of a bottom to return the crane to its stow cradle no matter which orientation the crane is in.
  • HP Upgrades – The hydraulic pump unit has been upgraded to run at a higher flow adding more runtime. This allows for multiple crane functions to be activated at once and reduce the interrogation time.
  • Dual Cameras – With the addition of a junction box and another boom camera cable, two cameras can be used. This allows for one camera (equipped with a spotlight) to be mounted at the end of the boom for a close-up inspection while another at the knuckle provides a broader view of the entire interrogation area.





photo3Critical Solutions International (CSI) has partnered with Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems (XADS) to radically enhance IED clearance mission effectiveness and survivability through the introduction Xap® Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) technology. Xap® is an affordable, game-changing C-IED technology that allows threat clearance and remediation teams to reliably detect and pre-detonate undetected, suspected, or confirmed IEDs from a safe stand-off distance.


360 SA



The 360 SA (Situational Awareness) video cameras provide any platform operator increased visibility around the vehicle. There are four fixed cameras in addition to a single pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera to provide enhanced visibility. Two fixed cameras are placed on the rear corners of the vehicle providing coverage to the rear and two cameras attached to the side, providing coverage of the sides and front of the vehicle. The PTZ camera provides coverage to both the sides and front of the vehicle with the additional zoom capability to focus directly on a specific area of interest.

A monitor and PTZ controller located inside the cabin directly in front of the passenger seat control the 360 SA kit. The operator can switch between different camera views and control the PTZ camera as required.


  • Full camera coverage around cab for augmented awareness
  • Enhanced ability to inspect all areas for ground anomalies and possible IED emplacement
  • Rear camera coverage for blind spots and possible threats
  • Side and forward cameras for additional driving views
  • PTZ camera with 36x optical zoom and multispectral options for additional magnified inspection of threat areas.





Roll Over Detection – Focus on the mission. Not the terrain. The RDWS advises the user of impending dangerous vehicle rollover conditions based on terrain, operation, and vehicle limitations. Weatherproof components and rugged construction ensure suitability for commercial and military vehicles.

  • The RDWS gives vehicle occupants all necessary data within an easy to read 3.5″ TFT color display, proportional audio alert, and a high accuracy inertial measurement unit (IMU). Operators can adjust the vehicle’s condition and remove the vehicle and its occupants from a dangerous situation using an exclusive Roll Risk Estimate.
  • Thanks to the system’s simplicity, installation is quick and retrofit costs are low. The RDWS includes multiple audible alert options, multiple visual alert options, a unique threat calculation method, and a proprietary IMU sensor package.